Sunday, 10 August 2014

This Week's Wish List: Minimal

This week's New In love-in is ASOS. I decided to choose pieces that had a minimal/basic vibe about them because I am constantly buying clothes with bright patterns or noticeable features which makes me feel as though I can only wear them a few times. It's important to build up a good selection of basics for your wardrobe, as these are the pieces that we go back to time and time again.


I just love this cape. I can just imagine it being so comfy on those cold winter days! It also comes in black...might have to get both!

So simple, so chic.

I love a jumper, especially if it's a turtle neck, and this elegant looking grey one would look good with anything from jeans to a black pleated skirt.

Although this doesn't look like much for the price, the material is a beautiful mix of cotton and wool and it has a pleated detail on the back so it drapes amazingly. The length is great for everyday wear too.

I have grown to covet a pair of culottes, whereas when they first burst onto the scene I wasn't so convinced by them. These grey ones look like they could make any top look stylish.

Styled in the wrong way, I don't think that this dress would have made it onto my wishlist. However the model that they've used gives the dress a more 90s vibe than a girl-in-the-club look. This dress could be played down for casual days by wearing a white short sleeved tee underneath.


Like culottes, mules are a shoe that have grown on me through the season. Now, I want a pair and keeping in with this week's minimal theme, these are perfect!

ASOS have been coming up with an updated version of this bag each season for a while now, and the colours of this new one are perfect for Autumn.

For some reason, people always assume that I am taller than I actually am, even in flats. Having shoes with a slight heel allows me to trick people even further!

A lot of girls think that small bags are pointless... but not me! They're great for those times when you're just visiting a friend or going shopping and only need your keys, phone and purse. This one at £15 is a steal!

I've never owned a pair of Vans, however seeing this pair has made me think twice about them. I'm a sucker for snakeskin print.

Have you got anything in your Saved Items box that you'll be buying come pay day? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. Wow all of these items would definitely be on my wishlist too! Love the black dresses and the mules

    Emma at

  2. These are nice selections!!

  3. love no. 2 from the accessories set! :)

    xoxo, rae


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