Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Festival Hair

Whereas before festivals were purely about the music, over the past few years they have become about the fashion too. Festival fashion is a growing trend, with more and more people looking to outgoing celebrities and musicians for inspiration. From shoes to hair, everything counts! This Saturday, I'm off to V Festival at Hylands Park. I can't wait, however there's still the burning question, "what am I going to wear"? That's why I have decided to start with my hair, as once I have this sorted hopefully my outfit ideas will flow...

Left: Understated // Small daisy chain headband, Primark
Right: Classic festival look // Large flower garland, New Look

Left: 90s inspired half up/half down // Pack of 6 Mini Hair Claws, ASOS
Middle: Scruffy top knot // Floral Bun Holder, Topshop
Right: Hippie ponytails // Sunflower and beaded headband, Primark

I've gone for fairly simple looks that you can adjust easily throughout the day, however if you wanted to get in even more with the festival-vibe, here's some more ideas to try out...

Images taken from Pinterest 

Have you blogged about any festivals this year? Or are you going to a festival soon and want to be more adventurous with your look? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. omgg I've been totally obsessed with festival fashion as of late too though sadly have never been to one! Haha maybe next year your gonna look so beaut though I definately love the second head crown the best you look like fairyy! beaut post doll and hope you have a blast xo


    1. awh thank you! Hopefully you'll get to a festival sometime next summer! xx

  2. Love the looks you've put together - the headbands are just too cute!
    www.LydiaRosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  3. Love these looks! You look so pretty with flowers in your hair!

    Sarah x

  4. I love these hairstyles :3 I'm going to Bestival soon! I just made a festival post on my blog so if you are interested please check it out :)




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