Thursday, 9 October 2014

Style Update: My Bedroom

Last weekend I had the sudden instinct to redecorate my room. I still live with my parents as I don't yet have the money to move out and my room has pretty much stayed the same since I was in year 8! I wanted to give my bedroom an updated look without spending too much money and so I decided to buy smaller items that would make a big impact and still achieve the look and feel I wanted. This is the finished look...

Lamp: ASDA
Small Canvas: My friend's artwork

Bird hooks: Small boutique by me

The theme of my room is "walk in wardrobe". I work in fashion and buy so many clothes that I wanted to show them off and display them more as features rather than have them hidden away in my cupboards. I really love the end results as my room reflects my personality so much more than it did before. Buying smaller things instead of re-doing my whole room means that I can take the decorations with me when I decide to move out too!

I hope I've given you some inspiration if you were thinking about re-vamping the look of your bedroom!


  1. You have such a cute room - loved seeing how you've styled it :) Especially love how you've hung the accessories from the cute hooks!

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  2. looks really nice! i like how it's all white/light colours and your approach, it's true it would be a waste to store all clothes and accessories away!
    updated the recipe on my blog btw:) at

  3. It looks so cute and girly! Love the little details :)
    xx, Veni

    Style with Veni | Fashion Blog

  4. Your bedroom looks just perfect!! Love accessories :-) xxx

  5. Cute! love those hooks they're so quirky and remind me of you hahha xxx

  6. I just LOVE that side table you have. Such a great find!

    - Sarah :)


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